Chapter Six: The Four Nations (Print Edition)

Chapter Six: The Four Nations (Print Edition)


Product Details:

VERDACOMB Chapter Six: The Four Nations is an 80 page single issue. 

About the story:

“After being recruited by Berdini to help expose the corrupt Harvest Game, Denuva catches a ride into the city with his grandfather Tavard to meet Napeen at a local coffee shop. Within the hour, the two of them will venture across the river intending to plant modified OMNI tech on the mirror blimp hovering over the giant arena death match in order to broadcast the rigged destruction to the entire system. Upon arrival, Denuva finds himself alone with some time to kill. He picks up an old history book and begins flipping through it - scoffing at the absence of the mysterious LIJ Conspiracy in the official story. Yet, like most of the VERDACOMB System, things aren't always what they seem..."

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