About the story:

VERDACOMB is a sci-fi whistleblower story in development since 2009. The story takes place in a closed society where the streets are empty - everyone is at home addicted to virtual and augmented reality. But once a year they all come out of their homes to gather for the Harvest Game Festival, a music festival surrounding a giant stone arena where the Four Nations participate in an elaborate, electromagnetic death match. The game determines which nation wins the collective harvest surplus, yet over the centuries the tradition has lost meaning to the people of Verdacomb, who are more interested in the parties and dazzling visuals throughout the festival. To make matters worse, the game is rigged - and the system is corrupt. With the help of his friends Denuva and Napeen, Berdini plans to expose the corruption and wake up their society to the truth.

Will they succeed? Or will the city of Verdacomb continue to revel in their virtual slumber?


Product Details:

A 200 page graphic novel, written and illustrated by Dan Berry, compiling Chapters 1-4 of the VERDACOMB series.

8.5 x 11 inches.

Each hardcover edition includes 18 pages of concept art in the back, along with a USB wafer containing the five song Volume One Soundtrack!

Each 2GB USB wafer contains Chapters 1-4 PDFs, the complete Volume One Soundtrack (5 MP3s), and a bonus Concept Art PDF.

Volume One Soundtrack Composed by fi-nite.

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